Week 1 Challenge : Knife Skills

Week1Knife skills are one of the (if not, the most) important skills required in the kitchen. In saying that, I really don’t have a good knife skill. I know how to slice & dice stuff – sure, but I don’t think I am doing it correctly. When I was little I had the worst experience with knives – yeap, you guess it right – I cut my finger, badly. That’s probably why a small part of me still find using knives daunting but I always envy people who can use knives so freely, chopping as if the knife is part of their hands, without even looking!

This week, I am planning to conquer the basic knife skill. (Not the fancy stuff like carving a rose out of radish, filleting a fish or boning a chicken – no, no, not to that level yet!) We’ll start from chopping – broken into different type of cuts, and peeling. As simple as that. I will include few tips that I got from my knife skill class (yes, I attended a class for this and yet still struggling) and some more compiled from the web.

These are the tools that I will be using:


  • Kasumi Chef knife
  • Ikea peeler
  • Baccarat Cuisinepro Utility knife
  • Chopping boards (wooden one is not in the picture)
  • Swimming goggles (to chop onions)


And these are some great references to read more about knife skills :

As for the cooking, to suits the challenge, I will prep for recipes that will require a lot of chopping, slicing, dicing and peeling. *Also definitely keep my blue/waterproof band aid ready.

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