Regle du Jeu

Blanc (White) Apron – I like to think I can cook… But auditioning for masterchef – faced with mystery box & 1 hour timeline on the clock – I come to a realisation that I flatlined under pressure when it comes to cooking. I need to change a few of my bad kitchen habits and unlearn few things and decided to take this matter ‘seriously’ by creating this blog as my learning diary.

Confession 1 : I use a lot of shortcuts when it comes to cooking! ‘fresh of the box’ instant products, seasonings and processed foods are my friends which I know I need to stay away from.

Confession 2 : Minimal knowledge of cooking techniques. I don’t know how to peel, how to correctly use a knife, what is the different between  deep frying & shallow frying, etc. So I always do what I do best – improvise, but now I realise that it may be good if I actually know the impact of the little things that I do when I cook – and try to do it correctly.

Confession 3 : I am very careless when it comes to kitchen hygiene. Don’t get me wrong, I clean after I cook – but what I meant here is I never really care about eg. using a separate chopping board for meat/chicken vs other raw material, how to clean fresh produce correctly,  etc. Which is kinda important…

Confession 4 : I never able to replicate the exact same dish that I cooked before. This ultimately relates to my basic instinct to improvise. As a home cook, this may not be a major problem – but I’d really like if I can have a signature dishes that I can do over and over easily.

Rules of the game :

  • Choose 1 technical challenge or theme per week
  • 5 dish recipes per week according to the challenge/theme – including savoury & sweets (definitely will cover vego dish!)
  • 1 extra snack/munchies recipe per week (this one is kinda free – I can do what I like)
  • Cooking activities are done in my teeny weeny apartment kitchen – with limited no professional kitchen gadget
  • All cooking post must include photos & summary of tips & trick (that I learned that day)

If in any case you need to contact me, please send an email to

xx, Ms. B

May the odds be (n)ever in your flavour! 😉

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